The Live Beautifully Virtual Consultation

Your skin is changing and suddenly…

  • New Pimples
  • New Wrinkles
  • Never Before Seen Sun Spots
  • The “Turkey Neck” is Starting to Appear. Yikes!
  • Your Cabinet is Full of Expensive Products That You’re Not Even Sure How To Use


You don’t know what to do?

Don’t worry Esthetician Expert advice is now virtual.

Your Personal “Live Beautifully” Consultation Includes:

The 3 C’s of Achieving and Maintaining Beautiful Skin

1. Your “Concern”
I have never met a woman that doesn’t have a skin care concern. This is where we discuss yours. You tell me the problem and I will help you find the solution.

2. Your “Current” Care
Even though I am a big believer in the monthly facial, proper home care is vital in achieving and maintaining beautiful and healthy skin.

A “true for you” regime doesn’t have to be expensive, and knowing exactly what you need will most likely save you lots of time and money.

3. Expert Advice On How To “Correct”
No more wasting tons of money on products that just wont work for your specific needs. we are going to set you up on a regime that works for your specific skin type and your budget.

By Phone:

* Available in Spanish

Via Skype:

* Available in Spanish