Add a primer to your makeup kit!

1. Primer will reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, soften the look of fine lines & wrinkles.
2. Primer will prevent your makeup from creasing & shifting throughout the day and keep the color true to form.
3. Primer will reduce clogged pores by preventing the makeup from traveling into the pores and clogging them.

Spa 10 recommends and carries Jane Iredale’s Absence Oil Control Primer.  This is one product that ALL of our clients love as it has many wonderful benefits to help you look and feel beautiful!

1.  Controls oil & conceals large pores while priming the skin for makeup application
2.  Non-drying and pH balancing
3.  Suitable for oil, acneic and aging skin
4.  Absence provides a sheer, color-free finish

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Amazing primer for every day use!