Skin Saving Sun Care Tips

It seems like the perfect time of year to remind you all of some important ways to care for you skin this summer.  One of my favorite industry reads is,  “Return to Beautiful Skin” by Myra Michelle Eby with Karolyn A. Gazella, so I am sharing some tips  from the book that will help you and your skin look and feel beautiful this summer.

1.  Too much sun can and will accelerate aging and cause skin cancer

2. Use nontoxic, safe sunless tanning products and healthy alternatives to sunbathing  and tanning booths – Spa 10’s sunless airbrush spray tan is a perfect alternative!

3.  The best way to protect your skin is with a quality nontoxic sunblock that offers BOTH UVA and UVB protection.  Working out –  Spa 10 now offers an amazing  lightweight, powder sunblock for complete UVA and UVB protection that will not slide into and irritate your eyes.

4. When you use a sunscreen, no matter what the SPF, you have to reapply it frequently.

5. Sunblock is no different than your other body care products- it should contain, healing, therapeutic ingredients that are nontoxic yet effective.  Spa 10 now carries a non-chemical physical sunblock SPF 30 – give us a call for more information.

Take care of your skin by protecting it from the sun!  Sunblock should be in a part of your daily routine, make sure your moisturizer or Make up has an SPF in it – even if the sun is not out!  I notice that 90% of my clients facial sun damage is on the left side of their face- the side exposed to the sun while driving.

Spa 10’s licensed skin care estheticans have plenty of advise and product to offer you on how to care for you skin during the summer months.   Come in or give us a call

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