Introducing… the AMAZING Non-Chemical Peel

Non-Chemical PeelWe want your skin to look and feel BEAUTIFUL!

Just a quick note from Spa 10 to share some exciting news! We have recently discovered an amazing new approach to “chemical peels”!


Why are we so excited to offer this to you? Clients are achieving unbelievable “skin correcting” results. There is no down time involved.

Skin instantly looks and feels youthful and refreshed. All you have to do is show up ready to relax and we use our expertise to determine what your skin needs the most.

“The all natural Vermont gal in me has never loved the ‘aggressive’ chemical peel approach to skin care… so I am thrilled that I can offer you this results-based non-chemical peel treatment.” ~ Lori

SEE COUPON BELOW and… get ready for happy healthy “end of summer” skin.

Here’s to looking and feeling beautiful and vibrant!


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Try Our New Deluxe Stem Cell Facelift Treatment

Spa 10 is excited and proud to announce this regenerating facial treatment.


Who’s it for?


If you are looking to:

1. Slow Cellular Aging

2. Plump and Firm the Skin

3. Increase Hydration Levels

4. Increase Circulation (this detoxifies and brings life back to dull looking skin)

This facial incorporates the appropriate anti-aging modality to insure proper product penetration. Your licensed esthetician will customize this segment of the treatment to fit your skin care needs.

Regular Price: $150.00

September & October Intro Price: $125.00


P.S. – Lori will be on vacation from September 16 – 27. Jordan and Maranda will be available for all your skin care needs.

Perfect Lashes, All Day Everyday!

Get perfectly curled lashes with Spa 10’s eyelash perm!

If you want beautifully curled lashes day and night, look no further. Try Spa 10’s eyelash perm! This safe and effective service leaves you looking glamorous, without the fuss of manual curlers.

With just one appointment you can enjoy months of perfectly curled lashes. A must for busy women on the go. Here is what you need to know:

1. Like a hair perm, the procedure involves curling the lashes around a tiny rod.
2. The perm won’t damage lashes, thanks to a conditioning treatment.
3. The curl will last one to four months, based on how quickly old lashes are replaced by new ones.

Say goodbye to manual curlers and book your appointment now!

Our price: $85

Sale price: $75

Through 8/31/13

Learn more about all Spa 10’s lash services from tinting to extensions.

**** Many of our clients are finding this to be a perfect alternative to expensive and time consuming eyelash extensions. ******

P.S. – If you have a friend, family member or co-worker who is looking for some lash glam please feel free to forward this email. Spa 10 LOVES your referrals and we promise to take great care of anyone you send our way.

P.S.S. – Lori will be on vacation from September 18th – October 2nd – Jordan and Maranda will be available for all your skin care needs.


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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Spa Clients Make

Ok — you know I love you and I am only writing this because I care 🙂


What is this letter really about?

I am going to share with you exactly how to get the most value for your money –   when it comes to your beauty care regimens.

No Worries 🙂 LOL — you can thank me next time you’re in for your look and feel better appointment.

Mistake #1 – Department Store Shopping

I see it all the time.

You come to the spa and spend lots of money on a great facial and then you head to a department store to buy products to take care of your skin.  

What’s wrong with this?

Chances are you’re wasting your money on something that’s not meant for your specific skin care needs. You might think you are saving some money, but it really is worth the extra few $$$ to have a licensed esthetician map out your home care system.

See, our job at Spa 10 is to make sure you’re using exactly what your skin needs to look and feel healthy and vibrant.  We spend hours each year educating ourselves to help you achieve perfect skin.

Don’t worry I am not judging, because I am guilty of this too!  Just last week I spent an hour and way too much money at Sephora trying to find the perfect pink lip gloss for the summer months – and I discovered the following day that I had the perfect pink gloss right under my nose at the spa for a fraction of the price!

Did you know we offer a COMPLIMENTARY Skin Care Product Consultation?

Mistake #2 – Waiting Until the Last Minute to Book

You get too busy and put your own needs on the back burner. You wait until the very last minute and think, “oh shoot!  I NEED a facial/spray tan/eyebrow wax.

Trust me — I get it — we are all in the busy boat, but don’t wait until you’re skin is in full-blown breakout mode to book your next facial.

If you are one of many who suffer from problematic skin it is best to book your facials in advance and create a structured regimen.

Waiting until you are desperate for healthy skin will guarantee you a longer and more expensive road to recovery.

P.S. – Booking ahead allows you to get the appointment time that works best for your crazy schedule.

 Mistake #3 – Skipping the Sunblock

Living in SoCal can age you in a New York minute.

We are exposed to a lot of environmental aging factors – and the sun shining 90% of the time is a biggie!

When clients ask me what is the one thing I can do to look younger I tell them apply a CHEMICAL free sunblock — daily!

Spa 10 has the perfect sunblock – it’s chemical free and the price point will knock your socks off – it’s just $21.00.

Call us with any questions or stop by to pick up your fountain of youth in a bottle.

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A Real Skin Changer!

Spa 10 is thrilled to offer YOU a new approach to skin health.

Are you suffering from:
•    Age Spots
•    Acne
•    Rosacea
•    Scarring
•    Fine Lines
•    Dehydration
•    Large Pores

We are very excited to introduce a revolutionary skin care facial treatment and at home care regimen that can help heal the conditions listed above.


You can have healthy vibrant skin.

Here are two steps you can follow to invest in your skin health:

1. Click to book your Skin Healing Facial Level 1


2. Schedule a complimentary 30 Minute Skin Care Consultation

Here’s a text message I received from one of our clients who has tried both the facial and the home care products, “LOVE IT!  AMAZING!  I AM OBSESSED” ~ Natasha P.

We can’t wait to help YOU look and feel amazing.

If you have any questions, we are happy to spend some time with you on the phone or in person. Know that we are here for you and your business means a lot to us at Spa 10.

Happy Mother's Day from Spa 10!

Here is some great advice I got from a very smart friend of mine…

My good pal Betty (name changed for privacy protection) just loved the finer things in life. She told me that if I sent my man to the right place, I would always get a great gift!

Don’t you agree that if we make it simple and easy — men do seem to deliver the things that make us smile the most?

Here ya go… forward this to him now!

For the Men:

If you want to look like a knight in shining armor, get Mom a gift she will love this Mother’s Day. The gift of spa TLC!

Dads, it is so easy and convenient, you can even order online!

Online gift certificates:

1. Click to Order (read all the steps to ensure Mom’s happiness)

2. Pick an Amount


Pick a Service (I recommend an Essential Facial)

3. Choose to have it emailed to yourself


Have it emailed directly to the special Mom in your life.

Ok, go back and click the box now!

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Introducing… The Spa 10 Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial

We want you to look and feel ‘Forever Young’!

Just a quick note from Spa 10 to share some exciting news!

We have recently added the Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial to our spa menu!

Why are we so excited to offer this to you?
1. Clients are achieving unbelievable “look younger immediately” results.
2. No down time involved – skin instantly looks and feels youthful and refreshed.
3. All you have to do is show up ready to relax and we use our expertise to determine what  your skin needs the most.


Enjoy a short video 🙂

Yes, I have been in love with Rod Stewart since I was born so I thought I would share a clip of his concert that I recently attended!  Hope it brings a smile to your beautiful face!

Here’s to looking and feeling “Forever Young”   😉

Book your appointment now!


Spring Spray Tan Special Sale

Live Beautifully ~ Beautifully Bronzed!

As you know, Spa 10 offers a pretty amazing airbrush tan!

We have a client who will drive 70 miles in LA traffic just to get our perfect bronze…


I very rarely discount this service!


This is a once a year opportunity for you to get your happy, healthy glow at a discounted price.

Why am I offering this generous discount?

1. It’s spring break

2. Everyone’s headed on vacation

3.  And – I REALLY don’t want you to put your bathing suit on and look like the gal in the background of the picture above! LOL 🙂

Book your appointment now!

Valentine's Day: 'GET SEXY' Spa Services

It’s right around the corner… the day devoted to love xoxox!

Whether you have a hot date or you’re looking for that special someone, we can’t wait to help you look and feel beautiful!

Have you booked your appointments yet?

Here are Spa 10’s 3 most requested “GET SEXY” Valentine’s Day services:

1.Brazilian Bikini Wax – Spa 10’s wax is 100% all-natural and made with the finest and purest ingredients — meaning less pain, less chance of ingrown hairs and less likelihood of an allergic reaction. FYI – We don’t double dip our wax sticks!

2. Airbrush Spray Tan – Yes, it’s one of the best bronzes around… just yesterday we had a gal drive 70 miles for one of our tans – in LA traffic!

3. Eyelash Perm;) – Our client’s reaction to the glamorous results from this service, “WOW and OMG this looks amazing!”  (SEE COUPON BELOW)

Click Box Below to Book Your Valentine’s Day Appointment

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“For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.  ~ Ivan Panin

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12 Things Happy People Do Differently #10!

Make a goal and follow through!  It’s a magical feeling when you accomplish a goal – and just doing it once gets you on track to make it a habit!

Here’s #10

Commit to your goals. – Being wholeheartedly dedicated to doing something comes fully-equipped with an ineffable force.  Magical things start happening when we commit ourselves to doing whatever it takes to get somewhere.  When you’re fully committed to doing something, you have no choice but to do that thing.  Counter-intuitively, having no option – where you can’t change your mind – subconsciously makes humans happier because they know part of their purpose.

Whether you’re in need of a natural and organic airbrush spray tan, a customized facial treatment or a warm and friendly environment for waxing – we are here for you!

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