Madonna's Secret to Glowing Skin

Plump, Hydrate and Glow after your Oxygen Infusion Facial

If your skin is need of a pick-me-up, an oxygen facial is is an amazing spa treatment that will  plump, hydrate and give you that youthful glow!

Like all living things, the skin requires oxygen to survive, reproduce and renew.  When we are younger, this process is very efficient, but as we age, certain functions of the skin just don’t operate as efficiently as the used to  and skin does not receive the nourishment it needs.

The theory behind oxygenated spa treatments is that we all need oxygen for survival. Oxygen is what revives and replenishes the cells in our body. However, due to the pollutants in our environment today, our oxygen content has been greatly reduced. It is also true that as we age, oxygen does not reach our skin cells as efficiently, which is what leads to the aging process. The result can be thinner skin and the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. An oxygen facial will replenish the amount of oxygen that the skin receives, leaving it hydrated, plumper and youthful looking.

Oxygen Facials have a number of benefits including :


Facial massages reduce anxiety and elevate positive moods as demonstrated by a 2008 study by researchers at the User Science Institute of Kyushu University. Oxygen mask facials are typically combined with additional treatments that promote relaxation and reduce stress.


The bacteria and germs that contribute to the proliferation of acne cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment.


Oxygen mask facials provide skin cells with a boost of oxygen that revitalizes cell  health  and promotes the cell’s natural regenerative capabilities.


Traditional facials to treat skin problems often involve a combination of scented creams and harsh abrasive chemicals. People with sensitive skin experience negative reactions such as redness, swelling and rashes that combat the benefits of the facial.

Come in and visit us at Spa 10  (Encino and Palm Desert) and treat yourself to an amazing Oxygen Facial Treatment.


Benefits of an Oxygen by Hannah Wahlig
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Benefits Of Oxygen Facial By Peter Sams

It's OK To BE A Metrosexual Male

Metrosexual- A new name for something quite old. Men with taste & style who know about fashion, art, and culture have always existed. In past centuries, these kinds of men were in the uppercrust of society (more leisure time). Technology has enabled men with more leisure time, so all males can now fuss over their looks and aesthetics almost as much as women.  Male spa services are on the rise, and I find most men to be a bit shy about the where, what and when of how they should go about being groomed.

Not only does a lady likes a man who takes care of himself and looks well groomed, but spa treatments are meant to be relaxing, make you feel amazing and provide wellness benefits!  It’s ok to make a spa appointment- we welcome your business, we wont judge, and a good Esthetican (a fancy name for your facial and waxing technician) can and will answer all your questions.

Men have approximately 15% oilier skin and significantly larger pores than women do. Basically, this means you get dirtier. It is very important; no matter what skin type you have, to get regular facials, and have a home skin care regime that is beneficial for the health of your skin.

Think about it. What is the first thing people notice about you? It’s your face. Healthy skin is the most important element of a great looking face. At Spa 10 we customize your skin care to be sure you leave looking your best.

Check out Spa 10’s For Men web page and know that we welcome the opportunity to earn your business!  If you know a gentleman who would benefit from a spa treatment gift cards are now conveniently available online and can be emailed to you or directly to the person receiving the gift!