5 Ways to Look & Feel Younger in 7 Days!

1.  Replace one meal a day for 7 days with a low sugar detoxifying juice – there are some great recipes online if you own your own juicer.  Be sure to add cucumber, lemon and blueberries to your juice as they all have properties that  delay the effects of aging, improve our skin elasticity, stave off wrinkles and get rid of bad skin problems.

2. Up your exercise routine and commit to working out for AT LEAST 5 of the 7 day anti-aging regime!  If you are already going to the gym faithfully then push yourself a little harder – if you can do it for 5-7 days you have a good chance  of  making this a new habit.  Physically active people have cells that look younger on a molecular level than those of couch potatoes, according to new research that offers a fundamental new clue into how exercise may help stave off aging.

3. Allow 10 minutes a day for  some stress-free “me” time.  A few nice ways to spend this time would be to pick up a magazine that you love,  just sit and listen to your ipod, or take your pooch for a walk around the block.  I always tell my clients that if I can take stress out of their lives during a one hour facial then that is the best anti-aging gift I can give them.

4. Make a lunch date with a family member or friend who makes you happy – preferably someone with a happy positive attitude because studies show that laughter is good for your heart – it increases blood flow by 22 percent, per Good Housekeeping October 2010 issue and it’s a stress buster.

5. Drink one cup of green tea a day – One cup of green tea provides more antioxidants than a serving of broccoli, spinach, carrots or strawberries. This activity reduces the harsh aging effects of environmental damage.

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