6 Steps to Healthy Winter Lips

So many of my clients suffer from chapped lips this time of year.  The skin on our lips is very thin and there are no oil glands to help protect them. So, it’s up to you to provide them with the nutrients they need to stay soft and supple through the winter months.

2 Reasons our lips suffer in the winter

1. Heat and cold contribute to chapped lips

2. Aging …the older you get the more likely you will suffer from dry chapped lips.

2 Ways to avoid chapped lips:

1. Stay away from licking your lips – this actually leaves them dryer than they were before

2. Always protect them with an SPF – lips exposed to environmental damage can take days to heal

2 Ways to treat dry lips:

1. Try a vitamin B supplement – dry lips can be a sign of a B deficiency

2. Avoid petroleum-based lip balms -people who are regular users of petroleum-based lip balms are on a continual drying cycle—the more they use, the drier their lips become.   I recommend trying Jane Iredale’s lip drink, which has  a base of macadamia nut oil with an added active sunscreen ingredient of edible zinc oxide for broad-spectrum sun protection.

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