Acne At Any Age & How to Control it!

Long before a blemish appears on your skin, it has been forming deep below the surface.
When we look to treat acne-prone skin, from puberty through menopause, there are five areas of concern that must be addressed in order to experience actual improvement in the skin.

1.   Sebaceous (oil) Glands sit deep within your skin.  These glands are always affected when acne is present and are usually over-producing oil, even if your skin does not feel oily.

2.   Inflammation. The more profound the acne the more inflammation is present within the skin.  Inflammation is a major driving force behind acne and must be addressed both topically and internally.

3.  Slowed skin cell turnover rate. As new cells grow beneath the skin the dead cells on the surface do not shed adequately enough to allow the oil from below to escape out of the skin’s pores, causing it to become trapped.

4. Bacteria found on and in the skin multiplies at a rapid rate due to a perfect environment of dead skin cell build-up and excess oil.

5. Enzymes located in the skin are triggered by an acneic skin condition.  5-alpha reductase is an enzyme that binds with testosterone, causing sebum to become sticky.  Lipase is secreted by bacteria and contributes to inflammation (oftentimes causing scarring).

The best way to treat an acne type skin condition is by the use of proper skin care products and clinical facial treatments.  Spa 10 Estheticians will set you up on a protocol that contains all the necessary ingredients to exfoliate, calm inflammation, reduce oil production, address bacteria, and target the 5-alpha reductase and lipase enzymes.

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