Three Ways to Beautiful Brows

Instyle Magazine is right on with these 3 tips on how to achieve beautiful eyebrows!

Shape Them

If you have naturally dark, thick brows, focus on keeping them manicured. Commit to regular upkeep, ideally by a pro, says Camilla Belle’s makeup artist Fiona Stiles. “Find a person you trust, and go for a shaping every few months. Then follow the line at home to keep it clean.” Since a dark, dense stray–even a baby one–is obvious, Stiles suggests checking in every night. For a sleek finish, she swears by clear mascara or brow gel. “You’ll look put together, even without makeup.”

Fill Them

With the right pencil (and a little patience), anyone can beef up her brows and rock this season’s bold look. “If you’re a blonde, use a pencil that’s one or two shades darker than your brow hair; if you’re a brunette, go one or two shades lighter,” says makeup pro Damone Roberts, who regularly works with Megan Fox. “First, I brush her brows downward and line the tops with a cocoa pencil. Then I use soft, feather strokes to create the shape, fill holes, and draw in the ends to emphasize the arches.” Last, Roberts brushes her brows back up and sets them with gel.

Tint Them

Coloring brows to complement dyed hair is a surefire way to make them more pronounced. But it’s a tricky endeavor, which is why it’s best to have this done at a salon. “For most blondes, we go with deeper tones because if the eyebrows look too pale, they can wash out the face. And if a woman dyes her hair darker, we go lighter in the brows to soften her features,” says Roberts, who also works with Beyonce. “She has naturally dark brown hair, but she wears it in a caramel tone,” he says of the star. “So we mix a shade that’s in between.” Either way, warns Roberts, go to a professional. “Bleaching your own brows can turn them orange, especially on brunettes.”

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