Would you like healthy glowing skin, increased energy, and a bloat free belly?

While attending the World Congress on Anti-aging in Las Vegas this December I asked health care providers from all over the country what they thought of colonics and the feedback was very positive.  These are Doctors  who are changing the way they practice medicine, and are now educating patients on how to prevent disease from ever happening within our bodies.   Many experts believe that 80 percent of disease and discomfort comes from a toxic colon.

I asked Spa 10’s Colon Hydro Therapist to provide us with some information on the process and benefits of receiving a colonic.  Here’s what Kameron had to say:

We are all guilty of overeating and not always making the best decisions with food, especially around the holidays.  A toxic colon can effect the body in many ways.  Not only can it cause your skin to be dull and have blemishes, but you could also feel sluggish, have low energy levels, be constipated, have poor sleep, lower back pain, experience mood swings, a bloated belly, and also feel a decrease in sexual desire.  Cleansing your colon benefits everyone.

Whether you eat extremely clean or frequent the drive through often, we all develop plaque on the walls of the colon.  Colonics or also called Colon Hydrotherapy is a natural process that cleanses the colon of this toxic buildup.  Colonics is a process where pure water is flushed in and out of the colon several times in a session to break up this plaque.  It is relatively comfortable and you can resume all normal activities afterwards.  You will not need to make special arrangements to be near a toilet all day.  The actual process takes an hour, and you stay completely covered with a gown and with your colon hydro-therapist the entire time.

For the average healthy person looking to do a general cleanse we recommend a few sessions to get through the layers of build up that have accumulated over time.  Three colonic sessions performed weekly are recommended.  However, colonics is not for everyone.  People with ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, recent abdominal surgery, or are pregnant should not do colonics.

After your session you will feel light and empty, you might even drop a few pounds.  The uses of beneficial bacteria, otherwise known as probiotics, are vital in the colonic cleansing process, and the quest to have beautiful skin.  Probiotics are sold at your local vitamin shop and are relatively inexpensive.  Probiotics should be taken daily to replace any good bacteria lost in a colonic, but also to help prevent yeast infections, and keep your immune defenses strong through the cold and flu season.  Looking to do more research…then go to http://www.Hydro-Health.com for more information about colonics and watch an informational video too. So as a new year approaches, we all ask, what is it that we want for this next year?  Feeling great and having radiant glowing clear skin isn’t out of reach for anyone.  What are you waiting for?  Don’t put off feeling or looking better another day!

Kameron Gross owner of Hydro-Health Colonics in Encino, has been performing colonics for nine years and is trained to guide you to vibrant and radiant health.  Contact Hydro-Health Colonics in Encino, located inside of Spa 10, at 818-935-9400 to schedule an appointment.  Hydro-Health Colonics in Encino is your ultimate Colon Hydrotherapy Spa in Los Angeles.   www.hydro-health.com