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Many of you have experienced these amazing treatments and often ask me how it works.  Here is clinical information on all the benefits you receive during your appointment.

1. Muscle re-education is most related to the term “facial toning”. There are 32 different muscles of the face that are manipulated during the average microcurrent treatment.

2. Emil Y Chi, PhD, director of the University Of Washington’s department of pathology, performed clinical studies using microcurrent equipment. He notes,” The fact that technology works in harmony with the body is evident. Examination of the skin tissue treated with microcurrent showed a 45% increase in the number of elastin fibres in the dermis, and the length if the fibres on average doubled. The collagen thickness in the connective tissues increased 10%, and the numbers of blood vessels increased by 35%. The application of microcurrent to skin and tissue produced a firmer and tighter feeling on the skin surface.

3. Many of the studies detailing the massive increase in speed regarding wound healing refer to ATP as one of the attributing factors. The other attributing factor is an increase in blood circulation. Blood circulation has everything to do with the function, condition, color, and overall health of the skin, as underlying tissue.

4.Chi’s 1999 study also proved that the redness, irritation, and inflammation of surgically traumatized tissue could be decreased significantly when treated with microcurrent. Related to this, the buildup of hardened collagen that makes up scar tissue was noted to be 3 to 5 times less in tissue treated with microcurrent.

5.In terms of product penetration, microcurrent allows superior penetration of products into the skin. At Spa 10 we customized the products used during this facial specifically to what your skin needs at the time of your treatment to ensure the best possible anti-aging results!

6. Post- surgery treatments also are vital to maintain the results of the surgical work. It’s the same theory as wearing a retainer after braces – you want to keep everything in post surgery place!

P.S.- Suffering from any post injection bruising…call Spa 10 for help!  We have had amazing results just by applying a quick amount of microcurrent to bruised area!  Clients are telling us it healed almost overnight!

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References:  Emil Y Chi, PhD, director of Washington’s Department of Pathology

7 Plastic Surgery Trends In 2011

I found this blog by RealSelf very interesting so I decided to share it with my readers.

Expect to see bigger rears, fewer wrinkles, and unfortunate botched jobs in the New Year, according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). They’ve made a number of plastic surgery predictions for 2011:

1. Brighter financial times lift faces

ASAPS cites the economy improving as stimulating demand for facelifts and other facial rejuvenation surgery (procedures people put off due to the recession).

2. More fillers, Botox, and Injectables

The growth and popularity of cosmetic injectables (Botox, Dysport, Sculptra, Radiesse, Evolence, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane etc.) will continue to increase as products continue to evolve and new players enter the market.

3. Massive weight loss leads to more skin tightening

ASAPS says the number of patients seeking plastic surgery procedures for body contouring after dramatic weight loss (abdominoplasty, lower body lift, upper arm lift, etc.) will rise in 2011.  Check out Spa 10’s body toning treatments for improvements in skin tightening and toning.

4. Changing out the breast implants

As the boomer women age, so do their breast implants, points out ASAPS.  Breast implants will get replaced in 2011 and breast lifting will also be a trend.

5. More botched plastic surgery cases

ASAPS routinely reports terrible experiences consumers have with buying injectables overseas or on the web.  Additionally, they point to poor training and unqualified injectors causing harm. “Consumers looking for a bargain on cosmetic procedures will unfortunately lead to an increase in horror stories about ‘discount injectables’ bought offshore and cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgical procedures performed by untrained or poorly trained practitioners,” predicts ASAPS.

6. New ways to zap fat

Consumers will increasingly seek out alternatives to liposuction that are non-invasive techniques for fat removal (freezing, zapping, lasering)

7. Getting that celebrity buttocks

ASAPS sees the influence of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez on women who want a shapely rear-end. “In the coming year patients will be seeking posterior body lifts, buttock lifts, surgical and nonsurgical buttock augmentations to shape and augment their buttocks,” explains ASAPS.


What You Need To Know About Stem Cells In Skin Care

Credible scientific data, careful consideration, and rigorous research show that the use of stem cells in topical skin care products provide a great amount of benefit to the skin.   There are now multiple choices for topical stem cell use.  The skin does not/cannot benefit from a fully intact stem cell, it is what is inside of the cell that provides the effects.

One cell culture extract that has been getting a lot of positive attention for its highly potent antioxidant capability is Syringa Vulgaris (Lilac) Leaf.   The Lilac stem cell extract has a higher ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value than vitamin c  and green tea!  This stem cell extract has shown inhibit  acne bacteria and support wound healing.  Look for this ingredient in your acne products to help prevent breakouts and to aid in the healing of active acne.  I personally like PCA’s C-Quench Serum.

Another stem cell extract that has experts in the anti-aging industry paying close attention to is Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Cell Extract.  Its unique mechanism of action protects the human epidermal stem cells from environmental damage.   It also acts as a UV absorber protecting our skin cells from sun damage.  Try PCA Skin’s Rejuvenating Serum with Grape Fruit Cell Extract to promote healthy cell turn over and to protect against cellular damage; both of these actions will help delay the aging process, protect your skin from the sun and give your skin a youthful glow.

Fortunately, the stem cell extracts mentioned here are sourced from plants so they are not included in controversial debate surrounding other forms of stem cell usage.

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Jennifer Linder, M.D.

Ivana Velijkovic, PhD, Organic Chemistry

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