Menopause, Skin Care and Aging Gracefully

Appropriate skin care products, treatments and a few changes in your diet can help you age gracefully as our hormone levels start to change.
Our skin begins to thin and becomes more susceptible to dermatitis (inflammation), and also becomes more vulnerable to trauma and infections.  It is very important to keep the skin moist, hydrated and protected.
Here are some product ingredients to look for in your skin care regime that will help slow the aging process by hydrating, nourishing and protecting:
  • Soy Peptides

  • Vitamin A (natural form of retin a)

  • Hyaluronic Acid (very hydrating topical ingredient)

  • Argireline (said to be the “non-injectable Botox”)

  • White Tea

  • Titanium dioxide (chemical free sunblock)

  • Mica (will brighten dull looking skin)

What you are eating is also a very important factor in slowing the aging process and helping to reduce the effects of Menopause.  Here are some beauty foods to incorporate into your diet:
  • Kiwis (rich in Potassium and Vitamin C)

  • Wild Salmon (full of Omega-3 to help reduce inflammation)

  • Blueberries (packed full of antioxidants that will help to reduce long-term cell damage)

  • Sweet Potatoes (beta-carotene to help smooth skin)

Regular Microdermabrasion and Micro Current facials are very beneficial spa treatments to improve the clarity of the skin and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

References: Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa Magazine Skin Care and Menopause by Barbara Strampello, Licensed Esthetician founder of Fabulous Faces, LLC