Cutting-Edge Skin Care – What You Need to Know

Here is a quote from Myra Michelle Eby Author of “Return to Beautiful Skin” (and I couldn’t agree more), “Stop putting the same cheap, toxic ingredients on your skin.  Stop using artificial coloring and fragrances when the natural alternatives look and smell better anyway.  Stop ignoring cutting-edge technology.  And stop thinking of your skin as an inanimate object rather than the living, complex organ that it is!”

So many ingredients in our skin care products are actually contributing to inflammation which is the cause of acne and hyperpigmentation in the 1st place.


-Peptides –  A protein shown tho stimulate and repair skin which will in turn slow the aging process

-Plant Extracts and Marine ingredients- Nontoxic and natural healing ingredients

-Vitamins – Packed full of anti-oxidants which can help to lighten, brighten and tighten the skin.  Look for products containing vitamin A, C and E in your skin care.


Benzoyl peroxide –  over use can make the skin sensitive and vulnerable to environmental damage.

Synthetic Fragrances – Allergy causing and irritating to the skin

Parabens – A chemical based preservative that is “considered” to be dangerous and trigger inflammation, which is enough said for me.  There are plenty of amazing skin care products out there that are paraben free so why take the chance.

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References Return to Beautiful Skin by Myra Michelle Eby with Karolyn A. Gazella

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