Happy Mother's Day from Spa 10!

Here is some great advice I got from a very smart friend of mine…

My good pal Betty (name changed for privacy protection) just loved the finer things in life. She told me that if I sent my man to the right place, I would always get a great gift!

Don’t you agree that if we make it simple and easy — men do seem to deliver the things that make us smile the most?

Here ya go… forward this to him now!

For the Men:

If you want to look like a knight in shining armor, get Mom a gift she will love this Mother’s Day. The gift of spa TLC!

Dads, it is so easy and convenient, you can even order online!

Online gift certificates:

1. Click to Order (read all the steps to ensure Mom’s happiness)

2. Pick an Amount


Pick a Service (I recommend an Essential Facial)

3. Choose to have it emailed to yourself


Have it emailed directly to the special Mom in your life.

Ok, go back and click the box now!

Image courtesy of Photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net