3 Tips To Massive Results From Your Facial Investment

customized skin care

I have been a licensed esthetician and owner of Spa 10, Encino for 15 years.

I feel honored and privileged to share that I have helped many clients achieve and maintain beautiful skin.

At Spa 10 Encino, we get asked the following questions on a daily basis:

• Can someone look younger from getting facials?

• Do facials aid in clearing acne?

• Do facials work?

The answer is yes, but there is a higher success rate for the clients who understand a principle skin care equation.

Facials + (the right) Home Care Regime + Consistency = GORGEOUS skin (at any age)

*Adjustments in diet may also be suggested during a skin care consultation at Spa 10 Encino to achieve ultimate glowing skin results.

3 Tips To Get Massive Results From Your Facial Investment:

Tip 1 – Connection

When choosing an Esthetician, I recommend asking the following question, “What is your skincare philosophy?”

See if the answer speaks to (what I like to call) your skin care soul.

We all have core values and beliefs and the answer to the question above will either make you feel connected or concerned, listen to your gut.

I believe that when we feel connected with another human being, we are much more likely to thrive in the service provider/client relationship.

Do not overlook the importance of feeling connected to someone who will be guiding you to take care of your largest organ – your skin.

Tip 2 – Communication

Tell your Esthetician what your main skin care concerns are.

I always ask my clients to tell me their biggest skin care concern because the answer gives so many clues as to how to best serve this person.

Be sure to tell your Esthetician what you have tried in the past and share what you liked about your experience, and express what didn’t fulfill your expectations.

This conversation always helps create a facial and home care regimen that works for a client’s specific needs. This conversation will change your skin in a beautiful way.

Your past experience will assist an Esthetician in creating a customized and result-based facial and home care system that works with your time, effort and budget in mind.

Tip 3 – Consultation and Evaluation

Ask the Esthetician if they are willing to set aside extra time to assess your current home care regime.

Facials are an amazing way to achieve and maintain a beautiful complexion, but how you care for you skin at home is just as important when you are on a quest for clean, clear and youthful looking skin.

Many times when a Licensed Esthetician evaluates a self-created home care regime, the client is shocked to learn their current skin care products have aggravating and inflammatory ingredients that are wreaking havoc on their skin.

*Bring your products to the appointment with you as this makes an Esthetician’s analysis much more accurate.

Keep in mind that home care is a major contributor to beautiful, healthy skin and seeking expert advice from an Esthetician is way more budget friendly, than taking advice (and purchasing the wrong products) from your girlfriend who has a completely different skin type than you.