Subject: 5 Tips to Finding an Eyebrow Waxing Guru


Getting your eyebrows perfectly shaped can be a scary experience.

As a 15-year licensed esthetician it’s fair to say that I have been around the eyebrow waxing block quite a few times and I have seen some scary stuff.

At Spa 10 Encino, we have had so many new clients come in a panicked state because they have experienced an eyebrow waxing nightmare at a random waxing spot.

  • Eyebrows waxed too thin – hello 1980.
  • Second degree burnt skin – not pretty!
  • Eyebrows waxed so unevenly it’s frightening.
  • Half an eyebrow missing (yes, I have seen this).
  • The middle waxed so far apart that the client was convinced she looked like an alien being.

So, how do you avoid an eyebrow waxing tragedy?

*I know tragedy sounds pretty dramatic when talking about an eyebrow wax, but lets be real… nobody wants to walk around looking like a crooked alien being with burnt skin.

5 Tips to Finding an Eyebrow Waxing Guru

1. Get A Referral

Ask a friend or even a stranger in line at Starbucks, who has amazing brows. Don’t be shy because the truth is women love to share a great find.

2. Check Instagram #your area #eyebrow waxing

Look for real life work. A good eyebrow waxing guru will proudly share their eyebrow art on social media.

3. Call and ask for a pre-wax consultation

This is your opportunity to express exactly what you want. Bring photos – they help.

At Spa 10 in Encino the eyebrow waxing consultation is a crucial part of your appointment. We ask lots of questions and we actively listen because we want you to look and feel beautiful after your eyebrow wax.

Here are some important questions to ask:

a. Do you have any before and after photos you could send me?

b. Do you have insurance? No joke and so many licensed estheticians don’t invest in this type of protection for their clients.

c. Do you double dip your wax stick? It’s unsanitary and dangerous and you don’t want to spend your waxing dollars at a place that operates worrying about the cost of a wooden stick more than your safety.

Here’s what to visually look for:

a. Your estheticians eyebrows. My experience is that most waxing practitioners will shape yours in a similar fashion to their own.

b. A clean lobby and waxing area/treatment room.

c. A spotless wax pot. The reality is you want someone who practices from a place of integrity and professionalism and the wax pot is a sure sign of how this person operates.

4. Check Yelp Photos and Reviews

In many cities YELP is a wonderful referral source and you can get a feel for the way the business is run.

A business owner who is excited for the opportunity to earn your business will most likely have a robust YELP platform (full of details and photos) and respond to any negative YELP reviews.

5. Trust your gut

We all have a powerful source of intuition and if something doesn’t feel right… then follow your gut and keep searching for the perfect place for you to spend your waxing dollars.