Naked Truths About Brazilian Bikini Waxing

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If you think Brazilian Bikini Waxing seems like a strange career choice you are not alone, my dad asked me not so long ago if I was a drug dealer because he just can’t wrap his mind around what I do for a living.

The truth is that I have been very successfully providing Brazilian Bikini waxing services at Spa 10 Encino for 15-years, and 90% of women have the same concerns/questions surrounding this mystifying spa service.


I thought I would share a few Naked Truths and Deep Insights surrounding Brazilian Bikini Waxing:

Your vagina is not the hairiest.

Seriously, I get asked this question all the time and 99.9% of the time the answer is, “no, your vagina is not the hairiest that I have seen.”

Should You Take It All Off?

Another common question clients as us at Spa 10 Encino, “should I wax all the hair off”?

Our Answer: this is a personal preference, but I am going to speak my 15 years of Brazilian Bikini Waxing truth to you when I respond to this one.

Taking it all off makes that area look really young or really old. A triangle is a good camouflager if you are looking for a happy medium.

Can Pain Levels Can Be Controlled?

Yes, it’s painful, but here a few bits of info on how to reduce the discomfort:

  1. Plan your Brazilian Waxing appointment for one week after your period ends and stick to this schedule. Our bodies are way less sensitive right after our cycle ends than the two weeks before our period starts.

Every four weeks is the usual amount of time to get your Brazilian wax.

  1. Trim the hair a tiny bit before your appointment. Trimming is tricky because we don’t want you to take the hair down to stubble, but if you come to your appointment with a jungle going on down there, it makes it harder for us to navigate efficiently and more painful for you.

*Think of this as a “less is more” type trim. A quarter inch long is the perfect length to achieve a clean wax.

  1. Clean and friendly is key to comfort.

Choosing a waxing spot that is sanitary and has a friendly staff will reduce your overall anxiety surrounding this intimate service. Get a referral or read some online reviews.

*Remember cheaper is not always better especially when you are going to be feeling very exposed.

Sex and The Brazilian Wax

If you are investing in a Brazilian Wax to spice up your sex life or because there is a new “someone special” that you want to impress, there are a few things you should consider before booking your appointment.

  1. You might be sensitive for a few days.
  2. You might look red and inflamed for a few days.

Book your appointment, at least, three days before any special occasion.

P.S. No matter how flexible, talented and/or frugal you are, I don’t recommend trying to accomplish a Brazilian Bikini Wax at home.

My years of experience and the stories clients have shared prove that this is just one of those things that you should let a pro do for you.

Spa 10 Encino is proud to provide Brazilian Bikini Waxing and our staff has over 15 years of experience in helping you look and feel beautiful.